November 04, 2016

The style #1358, Steer Skull Trophy, was designned and introduced in 2014. It represents one of a growing number of my buckles incorporating the use of stones. Starting with the first piece of this series, I made a decision to put a unique twist into each buckle of this series that I would make. 

This is made possible, in large part, by how the buckle was designned to be made. This buckle design is made of 6 or more separate parts in Sterling and 18kt Gold that are cast, finished and then assembled and soldered together. Its unique factor is the selection and arrangement of stones and stone shapes. 

Depending on customer requests, availabe stones, or just plain random chance early in the process, I choose and lay out the stones by colour and shape. These settings are placed in an array above the Steer Skull. Additionally, the setting in the centre of the two flowers is determined. Most usually this will be a Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire; although one of the latest buckle made was set with a brillant green pair of Tsavorite Garnets.

The modular nature of the design makes this buckle a real custom piece. Each one of this series represents a unique take on a central theme. 

Should a client wish even further modifications could be made. The separate parts lend themselves to being made of different metals. For instance, the Steer Skull could be made in gold or the flowers, like wise, in gold.

Each buckle is signned and dated.

You can view a currently available example of this buckle in the the recently introduced section of my web site, Custom Buckles, in the main menu  Or allow me to make you a special request.

 Live expressively.