Made With Pride To Be Worn With An Attitude


The entire process of making each of these designs is one of intimate involvement with the materlals and techniques. Pretty much everything you see here has been created by hand. My hand.

Each design is created using the lost wax casting process, a technique of making jewelry going back thousands of years. In modern times, it is the primary method for producing much of the fine jewelry and watches you see. The advantage it affords is that it allows sculpting fine detail and dramatic, voluptuous surface shapes.

The process begins when an idea is translated to a layout drawing on vellum which is then transferred to a block of hard, machinable wax. The design is then cut out, levels are established and the carving begins. Each buckle represents 30 - 80 hours of sculpting to achieve the finished model.

Casting the pieces is the only operation not done in my shop. For that I go cross town to a foundry. Here the metal is heated and poured at 1700+ degrees into plaster moulds. At this step a deviation in temperature by as litle as 100 degees can impact the final product. The raw castings are then inspected and hand finished in a multi step process comprising up to 18 separate operations.

Made with pride to be worn with an attitude.