#1374 Hanya Mask Trophy Buckle, 1.5"


The Hanya Mask Sterling buckle depicts a deeply carved, high relief Hanya mask on a rounded corner  rectangular carved frame designed to fit a 1.5" belt strap. Based on one of the classic characters found in Japanese Noh plays and common as a traditional Japanese design motif. Depictions of the mask design are often shown, as it is here, with the "silk cord" ties used to tie the mask to the wearer's head. The raised border's motif was influenced by traditional Japanese painting style for "Wind".

On the backside of this bold buckle is a bonus that provides a secret surprise. A dancing hula girl serving as the grill to the opening of the mask provides a detail known only to the wearer. Fits 1.5" strap.

Size is approximately 3.5" X 2. 75". Distance from bar to peg is approximately 2.5".

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