#1397 Ouroboros Rectanglar Frame Buckle


The Sterling Ouroboros Rectangular Frame trophy style buckle fits a 1.5" belt. It is a companion piece to the #1396 buckle. This buckle is cast from my hand carved original and it features my Skull Swing Bar on the backside. The frame surrounding the Snake is geometric and classic with its crisp edging.

For almost as long as humankind has been carving or drawing designs, the Snake has had a near universal attraction as a potent image. The cycle of Life, infinity, good fortune have all been ascribed to this by cultures across time and the globe.

 Perhaps the Ouroboros design, with its depiction of the Snake eating its tail, I think, best exemplifies our fascination with this creature and the paradox it depicts. The Snake devours itself, an act that symbolizes infinity, rebirth, and nature's cycles.. Each moment of the life cycle is being devoured by the relentless onset of the future. This paradox is simultaneously provocative and reassuring.


Approximate measurements are: 3 1/4" X 2 1/4" and the distance to prong from the bar of 2".  Designed to fit a 1.5" width belt.

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