#DH-16 Sterling Sardine Fork


This Sterling Silver Sardine Fork traces its roots back to the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution. It was a time when fashionable tables featured a "refinement of serving expression" and place settings abounded with silverware dedicated to individual food courses. The first decade of the 19th century saw inventions in commercial canning methods that would make tinned fish an exotic and novel addition to stylish dinner menus.

Nineteenth century silversmiths developed special fork designs for canned sardines characterized by a wide bowl and tines. Our tool, in form and function,  is dedicated to lifting delicate fishes or spearing seafood such as clams or octopus with its harpooned-tipped tine.

This fork is a collaboration by Jeff Deegan and Harrison Weinfeld [The Sardinfluencer], two longtime friends who share a mutual passion for their respective pursuits: jewelry design and artisanal conservas. Designed for a lifetime of enjoyment, it is jewelry for your table.

Cast in Sterling from a hand sculpted original, it is a ritual object intended to be used and loved in tribute to a time when our relationship to objects, food, the sea and one another was elemental.

As a feature to celebrate the introduction of this design, there is a signed collector's version of the fork available - limited to 36 forks signed by Jeff Deegan.

Each fork comes in its own co-branded box alongside a hand-cut insert card printed on vintage onionskin paper.

Length is approx. 4.5".

 All items made to order. Please allow approximately 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. To request special needs please email.

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