#DH-06 Bronze Jada Pin Up Hook


Bronze Pin Up Hook. A little naughty; a little historic. A piece of New Orlean's past. Coat hook. Under bar hook. Bronze mounting screws included. Measures approx. 3" tall X 1 1/2".

This pin up hook is modeled after a poster advertising the famous 1960's New Orleans' French Quarter exotic dancer named Jada [Janet Conforto]. Married to a mobster, she was a headlining dancer famously billed as "World's Hottest Exotic", at the old Madame Francine's, 440 Bourbon Street.

In the French Quarter her dancing renown was not in the least negatively impacted by the episode of her running through the streets shooting at her husband's Caddy, after she caught him in flagrante delectio.

 In addition to her seductive dancing skills she entered the history books for her place on the fringes of the JFK asassination in 1963. She was called to testify during Congressional investigation and appears in the Warren Commission Report. During that time she was girlfriend to Jack Ruby, strip club owner with dubious business connections, who would kill Kennedy's shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, in the Dallas Police garage. She testified before the Warren Commission that she and Ruby had never discussed politics.

Jada's end would be tragic. She died at 40, living in Arizona, rear ended  by a school bus while riding her motorcycle.

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